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At the Forefront of Advancements in Farming and crop insurance for 75 Years

Exceptional customer service and constant innovation have been hallmarks of our organization for four generations. The company that would become Silveus Insurance Group was formed 75 years ago during a time of great change.   The country had just emerged from the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, and was about to enter World War II. The nation faced an unprecedented demand for food from farms that were dealing with a shortage of labor, gas, and equipment. Our clients, and the farm industry as a whole, responded by working harder and smarter. The following decade saw incredible advancements in machinery, crops, and pesticides. Silveus Crop Insurance was born into this era of innovation and in the decades since we have always pushed ourselves to be at the forefront of the advancements in farming; always developing and adapting our knowledge, our products & services, and our technology.


“I wouldn’t want to farm without
Silveus as my risk manager.”
Silveus Customer
“Silveus made a huge positive impact on our operation in the first year we became a client.”
Silveus Customer
“There are no sharper agents
in the business.”
Silveus Customer, Midwest Farmer

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